Spinal Decompression for Lower Back Pain (Lumbago)

Lower Back Pain affects an average of 17.4 million adults per year in the United States, and it affects athletes of all sports at one point or another. Of those 17.4 million adults with Lower Back Pain, 5.7 million will experience pain the following year and 3.5 million will experience a substantial decrease in mobility, according to John Markman, MD who prepared a report on Chronic Neuropathic Low Back Pain to present to the University of Rochester (immpact.org, 2009). Additionally, the US National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health reported that “large epidemiological studies show that 20% to 35% of patients with back pain suffer from a neuropathic pain component” (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, 2009), which means that more than bones and muscles are being affected by the injury. Lumbago and Sciatic pain are the most common lower back pain conditions that affect most people. Fortunately, Lower Back Pain, can be treated at Neck Pain, Back Pain, & Headache Relief Center in Fort Myers using a specialized VAX-D device that is designed for spinal decompression

At Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headache Relief Center in Fort Myers, our Spinal Decompression Therapy utilizes the VAX-D to reduce the pressure on the lumbar region of the spine, which is most likely causing the pain.

If you are continually suffering from lower back pain, you may be experiencing symptoms from a number of conditions that affect the lumbago or sciatic area. Once the pain begins, your first priority should be to schedule an evaluation with a Fort Myers doctor who understands and specializes in back pain. The number to call is (239) 309-2020. At Neck Pain, Back Pain, & Headache Relief Center in Fort Myers, we treat many conditions, and there is no reason for your pain to continue after being treated regularly. Our non-invasive approach to pain relief and injury recovery has proved to have very successful results.

The doctors at Neck Pain, Back Pain, & Headache Relief Center in Fort Myers understand that treating your lower back pain is your top priority, so we work diligently to find the best solution for you. That is why we have incorporated the use of the VAX-D device to assist with spinal decompression as a method of treatment. Call (239) 309-2020 now to schedule your examination consultation at Neck Pain, Back Pain, & Headache Relief Center today.

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